Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stories I Tell

Our Collective Heritage
Cultures have  concealed secrets and hidden them away  under veneers of centuries, by and by they gently get exposed as stories… through myth, through history, and through art, and as much as through science. These stories inform, entertain and in many cases, enlighten us.
Look…..look carefully and you will notice, that all life is a fabric of myriad interwoven stories…..but then isn't life all but a big story board of an animation series!
Stories recreate basis of culture, art and history; they form the adhesive that holds us together and gives us a sense of identity and roots; Historian and researchers  tend to be dismissive about this complex mixture of fact and fiction, but these lore’s have an impact more vibrant and  greater lasting than either fact or fiction alone.
These stories are our collective heritage.

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  1. Jacqueline Lang LaCroix Clayton March 22 at 11:43pm Report
    Daar Ji...I just happened across you by searching for Art Sites!
    I too, am an Artist!
    As Such, I LOVE your Site, and my (I AM) Loves what you are saying!
    I would be absolutely Honored if you were to accept my friendship,
    And add me as a friend! I am originally from Santa Cruz, California,and recently moved to a 25 acre Ranch out in Northern
    Arizona, where I Paint LOTS and LOTS of Magnificent Art...