Monday, January 17, 2011

Brilliance of Simple Logic


Little nuggets expounding logic and brilliance never fail to amaze us…especially in their simplicity……


The year was 1902. An esteemed Professor was addressing his students in one of the renowned University towns.

On day the professor asked his students whether it was God who created everything that exists in the universe.

Most students answered, ‘Yes’.

Professor counter questioned again …..

'What about evil'?

Has God created evil as well?

Again the ayes could be heard loud and strong, except for a lone dissent.

The student was momentarily silent; it seemed he was in deep thoughts.

Rather tentatively the student put forward a request to his teacher for permission to ask a question.

The Professor was a little mystified and gave his tentative consent. Yes, Yes …of course you may proceed he said.

Though the young student got up, he was a trifle nervous to address the question to his learned faculty….

‘Sir, does the cold exist?

The Professor spontaneously replied, ‘Yes. !! Yes, it does. Don't you feel the cold dear?

The student by now was more confident though respectful in correcting the hypothesis, I am sorry to say Sir, but you are wrong in what you state. Cold itself does not exist.. It is the complete absence of heat that we feel.

The student now put forward a different question. Does the darkness exist? The learned professor, was now totally perplexed and guardedly replied, ‘Yes. Yes it does’.

 Student corrected ….’You are again wrong Sir. It is in fact the non presence of light’.

There was an absolute silence in the lecture room and most were perplexed by the young scholar’s response and it was writ large on their faces. It seemed they were struggling to find a correlation between the initial questions asked by the professor …..About the creation of all good and evil…Thus the young scholar continued to explicate his assumption.    ‘Sir’, he said,’we always studied light and heat but never cold and darkness,…but it is quite simple, it is only absence of ‘Light and heat’ that leads to ‘Darkness and cold’ similarly the evil does not exist. In actuality it is the absence of love, faith, & true belief in god’.


The student was Einstein!!!!!!

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