Friday, May 6, 2011

Parenting Skills

Are You Doing Your Job

Culture has often been compared to water surrounding a fish. A fish is not aware that it is even wet because it knows of no other way to live. The point is that we are exactly the same as the fish. They're born into an environment and adapt to it without much thought.

Within that environment comes our culture. The fact that a ‘way of life’ plays such a predominant role in shaping our persona; we must ponder and evaluate our parental skills.

What is the ultimate goal for your children?

How much of current parenting trends do we pass on to our kids without stopping to reflect on them?

Believe it or not, even that varies by culture and time.

In Japan, parents wish for their kids to be "successful", particularly when it comes to business.
In some parts of the Middle East, parents primarily want their kids to be "devout in faith".
In America, we say we want our children to be "happy". But can a kid obtain all of these things.

So let us accept that parenting trends vary and sometimes clash from culture to culture.

So who is to say what is right or what is wrong… !!!

But God's message does not change with the time.

He sent his teachers over the ages to different places. Our Guru’s were our teachers. It is universally felt that the question of learning should be matured by parents, and the laws of nature be a guide to teach their kids how to act and live.

The ultimate goal for a child would be simple - to grow up as a good human being and HUMANISM is the basis of all religions.

So the challenge to parents is this— what values are you passing on to your children and where are you getting them from? If you are solely relying on culture, you will be sadly disappointed as culture changes so quickly both with time and place.

And your kids will question the values you teach them, so we need to have reasons for why we do what we do...not just the cliché of "because I said so."

So that settles the culture question.

For if we do not, we will truly be a fish out of water.

Help Us

Help us create a hub. It is our effort to give parents fun, practical tools for passing their faith on to their children. And all faiths edify only harmony and love.

Build Bridges. If you take the time to build a bridge with your kids and open up their hearts, they will be ten times more receptive to what you have to say.

You are the only one who can help us to put together a feel good factor in the young people. For if they respect themselves they will respect others. They will never resort to self abuse of any kind and become a performing member of society. They will become achievers.

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