Genesis of The Khalsa......Parmaattam Ki Mauj .

If we look back towards the end of 17th century and the way life was in north of India …times must have been bad ….to be precise the times preceding the Baisakh of 1699 must have been difficult. Guru Gobind Singh ji was troubled by the caste-ridden divisive society, the religious discords … the hardliners and exploiters in the name of religion Such were the times when Guru Gobind Singh gave birth to the Khalsa Panth …The Guru regarded the Punj Piaras as the first members of the Khalsa and the embodiment of the Guru himself. With the constitution of the Panj Pyare the high and low castes were amalgamated into one.

Khalsa Akaal Purakh  ki Fauj  Pragtiyo Khalsa Parmaattam Ki Mauj 

Khalsa is the faithful troopers of the divine 
[In his will, God created the Khalsa]

The word "Khalsa" …Where did get it from?
Why did he call Khalsa Parmaattma ki mauj?
Well to begin  we can establish that its roots are  derived from Sanskrit,…. The word derivative traveled through languages ….Persian, Arabic, Greek and other …. returning centuries later to India and the Punjab with the Portuguese, Persians and Arab invaders.  It has two literal meanings  from Arabic parlance… the phraseology  uses ‘khalis’ … which literally means "pure" or "unsullied" and in Perso-Arabic…it is “khalisah”.

Here there is minor variance …along with  literal meaning pure; it  could also mean ….office of revenue department; lands directly under government management,. ‘Khalisah’ thus was – ‘The land of the Emperor… that land that cannot be taxed. The term khalisah was used extensively during the Arab-muslim rule in India…It was applicable for lands administered directly by the king without the mediation of jagirdars or mansabdars. Though the Mugal Emperors used this word towards the property, land, estate or region on which a revenue tax is owed directly to the emperor. The local ruler had no jurisdiction over it.
The word Khalsa was first brought to India by Muslim invaders, who settled in India starting in the year 636 A.D.
The literal meaning of the word Khalsa is spotless, pure or sacred.
One literal meaning is "Pure" and the other meaning is "belonging to the king". When the word "Khalsa" is used for a Sikh, it implies belonging to the King, where the King is TRUTH…. God himself. To become a Khalsa a Sikh must surrender him/her self completely to TRUTH……To God and obey God's will completely.
Only then is a Sikh called "Khalsa."…So it is said.

A Sikhs who have taken Amrit get collectively to be inclusive member of the Khalsa Institution ….which was ordained to be “Pure" & flawless by Guru Gobind Singh….The creator of Khalsa Panth. The initiated Khalsa lived by Truth and pledged his/her life to tenets of Guru’ and Gurbani. and sacrificed anything and everything in a never-ending struggle for the just cause of ensuring safety & welfare of the entire humanity …..  Guru Gobind Singh’s doctrine of service was for ALL HUMANITY.
The word "Khalsa" appears in the Guru Granth Sahib first in the Bani of Bhagat Kabir thus:
Bhagat Kabir, Baba Sheikh Farid, Bhagat Trilochan, Bhagat Namdev, Bhagat Akroor, Bhagat Dhroo etc., all of whom lived before the Sikh Gurus, and thus before the Amrit initiation,…. …
Baba Farid
Therefore would you dichotomise them from not being a ‘Khalsa’?
As per rigid clerics can they be considered to be Khalsa?

My personal take on this in broader spectrum is that anyone who does ‘Naam Simran’ That is….devotion to the Almighty….. Be they of any faith, creed, country etc. by definition, is a Khalsa…..Pure of soul and body and mind.

In more parochial terms I would use Khalsa…As a Sikh, who has defined Sikhi in his heart and his spirit is imbued by the divine grace of ‘Waheguru’.
Before we delve into who is the actually a Khalsa or not lets first look at the definition of the word ‘Khalsa’.

The modern-day Sikh historian Piara Singh Padam defined Khalsa as:

'-the free individual who is free from all forms of subservience.’

Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha defined Khalsa thus:

As genuine, p   Pure and unadulterated…..

Would it be right to take a position and state that all Amritdhari’s are pure and noble in spirit and thought?
Furthermore, is it right to state that a non-amrit-dhari is impure thus not an eligible Khalsa of the Sikh dharma?
sant Kabir Das
Now …let us take the historical significance in perspective…..The word ‘khalsa’ was known to Sant Kabir (1398-1495), he was older than Guru Nanak but was his contemporary. He uses the word Khalsa in Raag Sorath: SGGS, Page, 655-1
Pari­o kal sabai jag upar mahi like baram gi­ani.

Kahu Kabir JanBhae Khalsay Prem Bhagat Jeh Jaani.
ਕਹੁ ਕਬੀਰ ਜਨ ਭਏ ਖਾਲਸੇ ਪ੍ਰੇਮ ਭਗਤਿ ਜਿਹ ਜਾਨੀ ੪॥੩
Says Kabeer, those humble people become pure - they become Khalsa - who know the Lord's loving devotional worship. ||4||3||

He is a non- amrit dhari….But is a Khalsa !!!
Guru Hargobind, the 6th Guru, refers to the word Khalsa in His Hukamnama to the …Sangat of Purab.
He is again a non amrit dhari….But is a Khalsa !!
Guru Tegh Bahadur used it in addressing the….. Sangat of Pattan.
He is a non amrit dhari….But is a Khalsa as well !!
Thus sixth and 9th Gurus used the word Khalsa to those Sangats who did not have any parishes or Manji's. They had a direct link with the Guru as there were no Masands and sent the offerings directly to him.

Guru Gobind Singh upon discovering that ‘Masands’ were corrupt and were siphoning off the offerings and funds for their own personal benefit disbanded their ‘Manjis’. Upon the abolishment of the ‘Manjis’, all the Sangats came to be known as...’Guru ka Khalsa’.
Guru Gobind Singh has been very open-minded in his use of the word Khalsa when referring to the Sangat ……totally inconsequential was the consideration to the fact whether people are Amrit –dhari or not….for that matter he cared a twit if the names of his Sangat ended in Singh…..They were all Guru da Khalsa’ .
 It became routine for him to write and use the word Khalsa for any Sangat he addressed. He also used the word to other individuals and even for devoted Muslims.

The following references from the book of Hukamnamas will bring out the truth of the above statement.

 He wrote on March 12, 1699, before the Baisakhi of that year to the Sangat of Machiwara, that this Sangat is the Khalsa of the Guru.

On Oct 5, 1699, Guru Gobind Singh used the same words to the Sangat of Sarangdeo.
He writes to Bhai Mehar Chand, Dharam Chand, and Karam Chand of Khufia Nivas, Bhai Bideraban, and Gulal Chand on Feb 6, 1702, that you are my Khalsa.

 Another letter of 1704 addressed to Bhai Sukhia,  Bhai Mukhia, and Bhai Parsa stated that Sarb Sangat is my Khalsa.

Do we need to say more….Well, I suppose for naysayers ..we will have to...

Mata sundari Ji

Mata Sundri Ji on Oct 12, 1717, wrote a letter and addressed to many people including Bhai Debi Dass, Bhai Gulab Rai. It stated that Sarbat Sangat is the Khalsa of Akal Purkh.

In yet another letter of October 20, 1722, she wrote to Bhai Gul Mehar (Muslim), Bhai Kan Ji, Bhai Duni Chand, Bhai Bakshi Mal, Bhai Sahib Rai, Bhai Kaku Mal, Bhai Jagat Rai, Bhai Rup Chand, Bhai Kirpa Rai, Bhai Chatter Bhoj, Bhai Kaura Mal, Bhai Babu Rai, Bhai Chuna Mal, and Bhai Danja Rai, that you are all Guru Ka Khalsa.

In a letter of June 2, 1723, she again wrote the same to Bhai Dodh Singh, Bakhtawar Singh, Hukam Singh, Babar Mal, and Prem Chand.

 Another letter of hers dated October 18, 1723, addressed to Bhai Chain Singh, Bhai Bhopat Singh, Bhai Alam Singh, and Bhai Mani Singh had similar content.

This is also true of another one written to Gur Bakhash on August 10, 1730.

Still another letter of April 12, 1759, from Khalsa to Khalsa stated the same.

With all the above we have ample terms of reference… It becomes pretty clear that the word Khalsa had been used for Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs who had implicit believe in the way of life with the Sikh beliefs….. The ten Gurus, and the Guru Granth Sahib.

Thus we can say that the word Khalsa is applicable more in sync with the spiritual character of an individual rather than physical appearance.
So who is a Khasa?
·         Khalsa is one who remembers the Name of the Lord night and day … and who gives no thought to anyone but one God….Ek Onkaar.
·         Khalsa is self supportive and self righteous ,he should not be not become burden on anybody. Work and Earn….Kirat karna.
·         Share and eat….Vand Chakna Naam Japna.

Khalsa is one who has full faith and love in ‘Waheguru …and the Baani in Guru Granth Sahib is his living guru…His guide, mentor and teacher. . It contains the teachings of the Sikh Gurus and other enlightened persons. These teachings should be used as tools that make us better human beings.
Those who sincerely accept mistakes of their misdeeds and repent shall be forgiven and accepted into the Khalsa fold. Such is the code of conduct of Khalsa.  

Guru Gobind Singh….
Let there be no doubt, that I am the slave of Lord like other men, who are the beholders of the wonders of creation.

Jay Hum Ko Parmeshar Oucher Hai, Tay Sabh Narak Kund Meh Par Hai.

Whosoever calls me God, will fall into the ditch of hell. -----DG, Page, 57


  1. Susanne Hahn Woww ... lots to read ... what I got in a first view is clear and pure, I like clearness ♥
    4 minutes ago · Unlike · 1 person
    Daar Ji Thank You Susanne....There is so much the young....The division of God....and sanctimonious attitude...Writing regularly may help us convey the purity and oneness of humanity...
    2 seconds ago · Like

  2. Robert Emery 2:08pm Apr 13
    very nice article and very inspiring to me,, thnks

  3. Harjeet Bakshi 2:39pm Apr 13
    nice.. thanks for sharing.

  4. Susanne Hahn 5:12pm Apr 13
    Purity and Oneness will win - I'm full of faith ♥♥♥

  5. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

    Relatively new to your blog but very much enjoy your writings.

    With relation to the above post, a query, if I may?

    I think in principle, everything you say above is essentially correct, it certainly works in theory.

    However, I would then pose the question what is the value of Amrit? How do we reconcile it's existance and "practice" and even instruction from Guru Gobind Singh JI, if you like with the above? Does it even serve a purpose? Is a man/woman equal in the eyes of God if they both served him in the same manner but one committed (or went through) the ceremany of Amrit? Does a man/woman who "rejected"/"manipulated" the gift of hair (which is an "instruction" for us to keep) not actually reject in part, God?

    I whole heartedily concur with sentiment of the blog BUT it does pose new questions and was wondering whether you would be willing to share your views?

  6. Stephanie Vallance Ramirez very interesting thank you

  7. Crip SSA....Thank you for appreciation. Very pertinent question....My personal opinion is that..external personification...and religious add ons do not make a person....Absolute belief in teachings of Guru's...Belief in imp.I suppose time and history set the stage for people...Baptising the Sikhs in 1699 was the call of duty Guru Gobind Singh adopted...Today people who need support systems to keep faith may keep the traditions...while others can move on...keeping the tenets of sikhi..IN HEART.

    Sant Kabir was not a Amritdhari....But is Khalis...And a KHALSA.

  8. Happy Vaisakhi to you and your family, Uncle Ji.

    Taking on your point, I do agree add ons for the sake of add ons do not make a person. The person in question MUST believe in the teachings of the Guru's and also practice them.

    I'm not disputing whether any of the Bhagat's and Guru's prior to Guru Gobind Singh Ji were not Khalsa, they absolutely were BUT they were also very enlightened souls, far beyond the likes of you and me and while I see the point you're trying to make and agree with it in theory, I don't think (with my limited understanding) it works in practice, not in this age anyway.

    Guru Gobind Singh Ji not only administered Amrit, he himself received it. Given we accept that he was Khalsa before receiving Amrit, why would he deem it necessary to receive it as well? No Sikh would have questioned him if he hadn't, in fact they wouldn't have even considered it a question in their mind - let alone ask it. They already accepted him as Khalsa as they did with previous Guru's.

    It is therefore my understanding those external symbols (support systems, if you like) are NEEDED in this age of Kulyug. None of us so enlightened that we can live the way of the Guru in every moment (Amritdhari or not), our external personification serves as a constant reminder (to us and our fellow man) of our commitment to our Guru's and their teachings.

    For me, this is the purpose of being an Amritdhari. There will be very FEW people and when I say few, I mean in the entire population of the world you can probably count on one hand those who keep the tenents of Sikhi in heart and live, inspire and serve humanity, for the rest of us...we NEED the support systems to keep us true.

    Of course, I'm not implying or suggesting here that everyone is ready to receive Amrit and God will look unfavourably on those who don't, far from it. There is little point in keeping the external personification if your heart isn't pure and if anything, you are insulting the Guru if you believe your appearance makes you any better than anyone else. Only your actions and the purity of your heart will endear to you God not how you presented yourself to the world...BUT your appearance, if your heart and desire is true, will serve to help you everytime you find yourself inadvertently straying.

    Many apologies if I have offended, I am here to learn and in my age I am younger and do not have your experience, edutcation and wisdom of the world. The above is only my perception and not fact.

  9. Crip...SSA...I am very impressed by your clarity in thought process....
    True....khalsa is 'Khalis"person....Caste and creed irrespective.

    True...Every 'Amritdhari' is not a khalis person..

    false...An non Amritdhari Is not a Khalsa...

    True.....external symbols may help as support system in Kalyug.

    True....The relevance of symbols must evolve with changing times....For change is the only constant.

    True....God will only see the purity of soul not the length of facial growth.

    True....the turban...which in olden times meant ..izzat...beard....and martial bearing gave a distictive persona to a Sardar.

  10. Punjabi G » Thu Apr 14, 2011 11:27 am

    Bjsingh Ji,

    Thanks for posting this article! I completely agree with the author and in fact had same thoughts when I was reading book called "Hukamname" by Ganda Singh. I was hesitant to bring up this point in earlier discussions. For Guru Sahib, there was no distinction and sangat was their Khalsa. These days, we are so focused on drawing the lines that we have to define everything on who is or isn't a Sikh and term Khalsa is even more restricted.

    Sikhi asks for very simple lifestyle of Naam simran and honest living. Everything else is derived from this and without it is inconsequential. We have turned it the other way around! Perhaps a new resolution for all of us on this Visakhi to focus more on ourselves and less on what others are doing. Happy Visakhi everyone!

  11. y Gaganjeet » Fri Apr 15, 2011 12:21 am

    This should be read by all fanatics especiallm who claim "raj karega khalsa"...Sikh net

  12. Do Sikhs Need A Seprate Country?
    What is the meaning of Raj Karega Khalsa ? Who are our enemies ? Do Raaj Karega khalsa means that we want to rule over a piece of land ? Have we heard about the battle of King wisdom and King Mann ? Who rules over us is the wisdom or our Mann ? Have we heard about five theives ?
    Let us first discuss what is Mann, it consists of Kaam (feeling of Sex) , Krodh (Anger), Lobh (Greed), Moh (Attachment) & Ahankaar (Ego) And Wisdom has Patience, Tolerence, Satisfaction, Love & Politeness(nimarta).There is a battle going on in every person between king Mann and King Wisdom to rule us.Mann, we have it already its common in all human beings and if he doesnot attains Wisdom this five thives will increase their stength and a person becomes a rapist,a murderer etc.Does Wisdom is required ,this wisdom comes from the words of GOD .Gurbani or SRI GURU GRANTH SAHEB JI consists of wisdom THE MESSAGE OF GOD.When a person listens to the voice of Wisdom a struggle for freedom from the costody of king Mann begins.A person starts its struggle for freedom.What will happen if we have a separate country if we r the prisoners of the King Mann. When a person attains a wisdom he revolts against King Mann and battle for the supremacy begins. First there is a battle between Kaam and Patience, if the Raaj of Khalsa prevails patience wins. Second between the battle of Greed & Satisfaction Raaj of Khalsa shall make Satisfaction victorious. Third between the battle of Attachment and Love, Love is victorious . Likewise between Ego & Politness, Politness wins one day. Seeing this King Mann is almost defeated but Anger says dont worry my King you dont know my strength I can defeat the wisest. But Raaj of Khalsa prevails by the words of wisdom. And a new King Wisdom has his governement.
    We dont want to rule over a piece of land but we want to rule over the hearts of all people by attaining Wisdom. Sikhs wherever they live should attain wisdom by following Guru Granth Saheb ji and serve the mankind and rule over the hearts of all people. This whole world is of my Lord and I have a relation of brotherhood with everyone.
    So lets pledge wherever we live we shall work for peace & harmony. Serve the needy people and win over everyones heart.
    This will prevail RAAJ OF KHALSA all over the world.

    Taranjit Singh Sikh needs separate country. It is our political rights. UNO give right to self determination to all communities and ethnic groups. For last 26 years sikh are running pillar to post but did not get justice. And what you suggest? can we get justice by chanting bani? You holly goat!
    Yesterday at 7:32am · Like
    Panth Dardi Khalis= Pure, Sthan = Jagah. KHalis bas oh waheguru hai. And us khalis da sthan sada mann hai. Us ne mann wich nivas kerna hai. So mann nu khalistan banao pehla. Jameen te leeka khichnia aukhia nai, khalse ne afganistan tak vi leek khich diti si...
    Yesterday at 12:56pm · Like · 1 person


    4 hours ago · Like
    Panth Dardi Ji, veer ji. Asi united ho jande han. Open heart vi hai. Tusi bas ina ker dao, ki jo victim last 26 years to insaaf lai pillar to post run kar rahe han, ohna nu justice dava dao. Bani per ke yaa apne legal system nu use ker ke. Ohna veera n...See More
    2 hours ago · Like · 1 person
    Daar Ji GURDEEP truely You have espoused my sentiments.....I am a great grand father...i am on FB...because it pained me to see beautiful young ppl fighting on the grant of being a KHALSA..... they had to divide God...Yr Ram.....My waheguru........See More
    25 minutes ago · Like
    Taranjit Singh NO body can be true by following Ram, Christ, Allaay, Only by following Ik Onkaar. Crist, ram, shiv were fake, no proof of their existence. Islaam dose not worship Akaal, they worship Moon God, there is a first line in Kuran, 'There is no god, but the moon god' All is the arabic word wich means Moon. Thats why they use star and moon in mosques. And mr daar, you people are suggesting us to forget genocide and mass murder our our people? It is same like asking americans to forget 8/11 on the name of God, askin to jeust to forget holocaust on the name of humanity. If anybody would ask us to forget our people, who suffered and still suffering on the hands of hindus, then we would hick him hard. We love every body, we accept every religion, but not by sacrificing our identity, our brother/sisters and our religion. You were in Indian army, Mr daar, who is notorious in the matter of human right violation. I am sure, you might involved in lots of fake killings and rapes, done by your men. Why dont you suggest your people to stop this killing on the name of God. Why you only suggest victims to forgive and accept it, coz God is here?
    17 minutes ago · Like
    Daar Ji Taranjit and all my young dear friends.....TWO wrongs will never ever make a right.....YOU have yr karmic on it....A few bad people do not negate the goodness of the good in any" Kaum".Secondly....A victim of atrocity has no religion...A victim is just a poor suffering soul with a perhaps a battered body...Stand up for TRUTH ..For Justice.....Equality.... I am an old man I have fought many wars...I have seen my men and my friends die on battle field....They were first and foremost a Human being...religion came later....They died for all of YOU....irrespective of the fact that you were a sikh,a muslim ,or a hindu.If these good men had not given their perhaps wud not be on FB having this innane discussion.....Yes I have been abused on FB... as a F-------G old mad man...So be it.. .:-) Happiness.

    Gagan Deep Singh veer i read 7 time shree guru granth sahib ji and 3 time dasham granth par kisse vi akhar te kise dharam ja bande ya fir kise kaum di burai ni padi

  14. Livia Kaur after every thunder, lightning, rain there is beautifull rainbow, so let us see the rainbow now. the rain storm is gone.
    34 minutes ago · Unlike · 1 person
    Daar Ji Yes Livia the brutal world of of 1699...Came the warm soft glow of a Sikh...a disciple...sworn to carry the word of his Guru without hatred and rancour.....Equality for all people. Bless you all..This was our RAINBOW.

  15. : Genesis of The Khalsa......"Parmaattam Ki Mauj"
    by Gaganjeet » Fri Apr 22, 2011 5:45 am

    If vedas and kuran had been incorrect on one could have found god before guru ji's birth. Dhanna bhagat, who found nirankar in a stone. Wha t you said above is about discipline what our master asked to follow. He is referring that god cannot be found just by reading and following blindly. Khalsa is being a brahamgyani. Sukhmani sahib- sagal dharam mein shresht dharam har ko naam jap nirmal karam. Vedas themselves say not to worship idols. But god breaks all his laws in love. Like guru Har rai ji ate prashad sitting on a horse as offered by an old poor lady. Next day when offered by a smart fellow he asked him to send it to langar saying it is incorrect way. The person who initiated this discussion has given ample examples what exactly was a khalsa according to guru ji. Just taking amrit doesnt makes one khalsa. Yes we have faced many onslaughtr from ignorants from different religions but we have to note on in our endeavour of Parmatam prapti. And with love hindus and muslims can find him. Sikkhism doesnt believes in conversion. Original hindu scripts if followed makes one a sikh - keeping hair, believe in one god. Read this book - living with a himalayan master by swami Ram. He also wrote a book on sukhmani sahib. All the religions got off track because of misinterpretation and thats what is happening with sikhs. castism and above all no atamgyan resulted in centuries of foriegn rule and inturnt birth of saint solder. A spiritual atam gyani can never give in to foreign rule. We had lost our way. Guru sahib woke us up from our slumber. Khalsa can be a sikh, muslim or a sikh. Khalsa is an ULTIMATE final stage of spirituality. Guruji wanted his sikh to be Khalsa- baba Daya singh ji, Mati das ji, etc

  16. Dear Daarji

    I was looking for some photos of Sri Takhatgarh Sahib and came across your blog. We are working on a project for Punjab Tourism where we will be preparing some handy brochures for them to promote tourism. I will be really obliged if you kindly give me the permission to use photo for this purpose.


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