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God ...Tussi Great Ho!!!.....God You Are Great

I am a Sikh and for me  God is one... Ek Onkar He is the Supreme Truth. He is the Creator.He is without fear and without hate. The opening sequence in Guru Granth Sahib ….. The holy scripture of Sikhism tells us and ab out the description of God:  He is immortal. He is neither born nor does He die.( Ajuni). By Guru's grace shall we be able to see the path to Him? Chant and Meditate on His Name (simran).  He has been the Truth. He is the Truth now and He  shall be the Truth forever….. This supreme master loves everyone. In Sikhism, the unshakeable belief is that there is no one superior to Him… Him whom we call GOD…..’The Waheguru’. …He created all beings, animals, birds, creatures ….Moreover he created all kinds of humans… Black …White…Brown…Yellow. It was Guru Nanak the founder of Sikh faith, who   gave this clarity to the people who hitherto thought differently. Surprised and perplexed, they asked questions on the veracity of his t

The Kaurageous Kaurs !

Sikh women want equal rights….And rightly so. But then, do they, in reality, have to ask for something that is theirs historically? Purely reflecting on at the tenets of Sikhism …We as Sikhs ‘should’ be very proud of the unique stand our religion takes with regard to the   equality   between men and wome n, which has been evident since its origin….Here the operative word is ‘should’…We should but we cannot be, for we far from follow the dictate of the Gurus. Even though we have over 500 years of head start we must introspect and make every effort in real terms to pursue in practice the Guru’s teachings of equality, not only concerning man and man but also negate the gender bias between man and woman. Most agricultural civilizations relegated the importance of women, thus plummeting their status and potential in society. Agricultural civilizations were characteristically patriarchal. What we mean by this is that the way of li

Sadly Weep our Daughters in the 'Land of Five Rivers'.

..For sadly weep our daughters in the 'Land of Five Rivers'. GOD….Are you a man or a woman? The pages of Sri Guru  Granth Sahib are replete with many  names for God, some are masculine in gender while others are feminine…But that, that remains a commonality is that all these names are used to describe God. A fair deduction drawn from this is that our Gurus did not consider God to be either male or female. T he Mool Mantra states that God is Ajuni (Unborn), in other words, God belongs to neither sex. If this is the case, then why does our patriarchal society impose stern taboos only on the being of the girl child? Why do our girls get subjected to biases and remain illiterate and ill-treated? For all its glory that we talk of, it is a horrendous practice in Punjab whereby infants are murdered …All without a single exception are little baby girls put to death by their own parents or at the least by their mute co