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The Battle of Saragarhi....One of the world’s most courageous actions in the annals of military history.

" Be pure," said the Guru, "and Truth would reveal itself to thee. Have love of God uppermost in thy heart and hurt not the feelings of His creatures."........ As the teachings of most messiahs, even the beliefs & philosophies of Guru Nanak Dev, the first Guru of Sikhs, were not very popular in the beginning. But, today, it is those very teachings of Guru Nanak that are the basic tenets that guide the lives of Sikhs. The three teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji are known as nam simran, kirt karo, and wand chako. The term 'Nam Simran' means to think about God. Kirt Kaara preaches people to lead a normal life by earning their living through hard work and honesty. 'Wand Chhako' means to share whatever spare things you have with poor and needy people. Guru Nanak philosophy & teachings can be summarized as: There is only one God, who is known by different names in different religions. Strive hard and make a whole-hearted effort to h