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Religion as a social influence....

RELIGION AND SOCIAL RECONSTRUCTION   Today the world order is changing….. The societal ship has already steamed out of the sheltered bays of established tradition and dogmas of religiosity and has begun its cruise upon the high seas of evolutionary destiny; our soul  is carefully searching morality painstakingly, to observe the compass of religious guidance in the multi-faith world. What is the paramount mission of religion as a social influence? It is to stabilize the ideals of mankind during these dangerous times of transition from one phase of civilization to another, from one level of culture to another. Religion has no new duties to perform, but it is urgently called upon to function as a wise guide and experienced counselor in all of these new and rapidly changing human situations. This new and oncoming social order will not settle down at desirous comfort levels for a millennium or so. The human race will have to become reconciled to a procession