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Legends of Lohri

                                         Lohri the multifaceted festival,   is celebrated every year on 13th of January and invariably the time is such that we are caught in the midst of a bone-chilling and cold misty winter. Lohri, I often laughingly talk about it as a festival of defrosting. We could say it is a festival of seasons. The history of Lohri, over a period of time, has become quite hybridized that the root and its transition in time are latticed intricately with seasons, element and folklore. The concept is probably as old as that of Indus Valley civilization and Vedic times itself. I In Punjab, the festival of   Lohri marks   the coming of the end of winter or we could say the coming of spring and the New Year. The bonfires are lit at night and in its warmth, people come together singing lilting folk songs and happy feet dancing to the pulsating beats of the ‘dhol’.It is a great social opportunity for close-knit communities to s