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Bridge on the River Ravi

This is the third of the ‘Trilogy’ on Kartarpur ….The haven of peace and harmony that Baba Nanak created. 1. 2.               The Bridge on River Ravi     All his life Baba Nanak’s teachings were simple…one of the most significant message he gave was that ’there is no Hindu, there is no Muslim’……all were equal in the eyes of God…… Yet, the heart breaking truth of the real world is that the ‘ Janam bhoomi ’ and the ‘ Karam bhoomi ’ of Baba Nanak stands divided and estranged by man-made borders carved out rather brutally. This left Kartarpur, just 2 kilometres on Pakistan side and Dera Baba Nanak this side of the border. One, on the right side of the river Ravi and the other on the left.     The erstwhile greater Punjab's population distribution was such that t

I am Daarji: Part 2. The Untold Story…… Mere Sahiba, Kaun Jaane...

I am Daarji: Part 2. The Untold Story…… Mere Sahiba, Kaun Jaane... : "My last two stories were pertinent to the life and times at Rai Bhoi di Talwandi and all the more pertinent to us it happens to be the plac..."

Would You Permit me?

A very dear friend of mine from college sent me this very brave verse by Nizar Kabbani I am sure a read in Urdu must be more impactful......I wish I could .... Could someone translate it in Roman Urdu…..???? Would You Permit Me?       في بلاد يغتال فيها المفكرون، ويكفر الكاتب وتحرق الكتب، في مجتمعات ترفض الآخر، وتفرض الصمت على الافواه والحجر على الافكار، وتكفر اي سؤال، كان لابد ان استأذنكم ان تسمحوا لي ..  In a country where thinkers are assassinated, and writers are considered infidels and books are burnt, in societies that refuse the other, and force silence on mouths and thoughts forbidden, and to question is a sin, I must beg your pardon, would you permit me? فهل تسمحون لي ان اربي اطفالي كما اريد، وألا تملوا علي اهواءكم واوامركم؟   Would you permit me to bring up my children as I want, and not to dictate on me your whims and orders.           هل تسمحون لي ان اعلم اطفالي ان الدين لله اولا، وليس للمشايخ والفقهاء والناس؟   Would you permit me