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Guru Arjan Dev radically changed the entire character of Sikhism.....

Middle of June every year since  1606 , the  Sikh Sangat  has been observing the martyrdom of  Guru Arjan  Dev, the fifth Guru. He was the first Martyr in Sikh saga.....It is a fact, that before the arrest, torture and Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev, the  ‘Sikhi’  conceptually had nothing to do with weapons or bloodshed or violence of any kind....., as all the  Sikh Gurus were spiritual  beings and had taught the message of compassion, love, dedication, hard work, worship of one God... ’Ek Onkaar’ and at all times the commitment was to peace and harmony for all the people. Guru Arjan Dev laid the foundation of the Golden Temple.... Harmandir Sahib in Amritsar. He envisaged and deliberately incorporated in design the four doors in the Gurdwara.....   With a vision that " My faith is for the people of all castes and all creeds from whichever direction they come and to whichever direction they bow .&q

The Wild Encounters... Smarty Pants ... Eli-Phants

Agreed..!!!! Elephant sightings are less glamorous than the Tiger...But they can turn out to be far  more dangerous..... We were on a casual drive around on the hills of an area called Sita Bani. It was not a safari....more  a meandering drive through the green lush vegetation to the temple on the hilltop. Suddenly the quiet of the jungle noises was broken by an excited cacophony of a bunch of excited young city slickers ... Haathi...Haathi ...we could clearly hear...They had stopped and were enamoured by a big evidently angry raging bull, a tusker.. And in their foolishness were out of their Jeeps trying to make acquaintance with him and videographing the encounter. Providentially...for them, we swung by before the Tusker decided to say hello to them. Our instinctive reaction first to stop....but then thought not.... and asked them to scramble out as well  super fast... Split seconds was all we had to gain a lead and ...then the chase beg