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Need it now for POW's - Guru Hargobind's call for Bandi Chhhorh !

1619 AD, a  resonating call from Guru Hargobind went out to Mughal Emperor Jehangir… Bandhi Chhorh! Today, 2011 AD….perhaps there could be a call for Guru Hargobind to help us bring home the 54 Indian soldiers held as   POW’s  in Pakistani Jails  …They have been lost in transition somewhere in Pakistani jails for almost 40 years and desperately need divine intervention. A prisoner is a Bandhi ….. Political prisoners….Prisoners of war are those hapless victims caught in the crossfire of political compulsions through the ages. The apathy of the country for these honourable, but unfortunate gentlemen can be felt deeply in Byron’s Poem ‘Prisoner of Chillon. In the summer of 1816, Byron and Shelley sailed around Lake Leman (Lake Geneva).  While on their way they stopped at the Chateau of Chillon, and deep in the dungeons, below the water-line of the lake, they visited the place where Fran├žois de Bonnivard was imprisoned for four years (1532