Need it now for POW's - Guru Hargobind's call for Bandi Chhhorh !

1619 AD, a  resonating call from Guru Hargobind went out to Mughal Emperor Jehangir…

Bandhi Chhorh!

Today, 2011 AD….perhaps there could be a call for Guru Hargobind to help us bring home the 54 Indian soldiers held as  POW’s in Pakistani Jails  …They have been lost in transition somewhere in Pakistani jails for almost 40 years and desperately need divine intervention.

A prisoner is a Bandhi…..

Political prisoners….Prisoners of war are those hapless victims caught in the crossfire of political compulsions through the ages. The apathy of the country for these honourable, but unfortunate gentlemen can be felt deeply in Byron’s Poem ‘Prisoner of Chillon.

In the summer of 1816, Byron and Shelley sailed around Lake Leman (Lake Geneva).  While on their way they stopped at the Chateau of Chillon, and deep in the dungeons, below the water-line of the lake, they visited the place where François de Bonnivard was imprisoned for four years (1532-1536).  During those years, Bonnivard had worn an imprint in the stone floor from his pacing of the confined area.

And Bonnivard was imprisoned for 4 years only….
Byron was so impressed with the event, he composed the poem  The Prisoner of Chillon.
My hair is gray, but not with years,
Nor grew it white

In a single night,

As men's have grown from sudden fears:

My limbs are bow'd, though not with toil,
But rusted with a vile repose,
For they have been a dungeon's spoil,
And mine has been the fate of those
To whom the goodly earth and air
Are bann'd, and barr'd - forbidden fare;

Bandhi Chhorh…. Guru Hargobind deliverer of Prisoners. 

Young Guru Hargobind was held a prisoner as well…but he had the courage and conviction to snook his head at the all-powerful Mughal Emperor to say “ Bandhi Chorhh’ …. The 6th Guru of the Sikhs as the spiritual King...was the mentor and the role model. The lofty standards he set, evidently, have been long forgotten today in the run for ill-gotten power and more power…Is there anyone today who can stand up and say the same for the Indian soldiers held as POW ’s and are languishing in Pakistan jails …may be a few  Pakistani soldiers are POW’s are in Indian jails as well.
Both countries deny their existence.

General Yeager of the US Air Force wrote a book on his role in the Pakistan Human Rights Commission. The book mentions his interviews with 20 Indian pilots of the 1965 and 1971 wars lodged in Pakistani prisons after the 1971 war.

 Mohan Lal Bhaskar detained in Fort Attock Jail wrote ‘Main Pakistani Jasoos Tha ‘after he was repatriated in 1974. He writes that while he was in jail, he happened to meet Pakistani Major Ayaz Ahmed Sipra who told him about 40-odd Indian POWs in Fort Attock. Bhaskar later gave a sworn affidavit to this effect to the Government of India. Sipra was in the same prison till 1978 for the Bhutto Conspiracy case.

 Manish Jain, son-in-law of Sqn. Leader Jain met one Col. Asif Shafi in Minneapolis, the USA in 2000. Shafi told Manish Jain that he was in Attock Jail for seven years for conspiring against Bhutto. There, he met Wing Cdr. H.S. Gill in the same cell. There were other Indian prisoners in jail but in different cells.

Mrs Tambay, the wife of Pilot OfficerTambay, happened to meet one T.A. Yusuf, a Bangladeshi naval officer in Jamnagar who was imprisoned at Lyallpur Jail in 1974 for supporting the cause of Bangladesh Independence. He met Pilot Tambay there who he recalls as having written his name on the wall. He saw other prisoners. One of them said that that they were Indian Prisoners of the War of 1971.

The story goes that Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed Latif Malik was the Commandant of the POW camp at Lyallpur.
Right at the outset, he took the POW’s on a tour of the 'camp' to show off the security arrangements. It was indeed a formidable jail, with three rings of 10 feet high walls, and watchtowers with machine guns and searchlights.
He then told the Prisoners of War that they were well within their moral right to attempt to escape, and his right was to shoot at sight if caught.
Frankly, the formidable security made most give up any notions of escape….however, most of these men were repatriated…….
But what about some that were not?..... 54 POWs, young Indian personnel of the Armed Forces were lost in transition in the post-war hyperbolic euphoria….And are lost to date…… Of the 54 POWs in Pakistani jails, 29 are from the Indian Army while 25 belong to the Indian Air Force.

After the 1971 Indo-Pak War India had ….3703 Pakistani Prisoners of War on the Western front +  93007 in the East, now Bangladesh.

 In addition, the Indian Army had occupied 9047 Sq Kilometers of Pak Territory in Punjab with 
90 Villages Situated there.

 Pakistan had 2307 Indian POWs.

After the much hyped Shimla Accord of 28 Jun - 3 July 1972:

The Pak Territory was vacated by 7 Aug 1972,
Pakistani Prisoners of War of the Western front were repatriated on 1 Dec 1972 and of the East by 14 Nov 1974.

But 54 of our Indian prisoners of war in Pakistan became the unfortunate and helpless Victims in the process of self-glorification of Political and bureaucratic supremacy. It was an ultimate goof up with no answers given.

These Indian Soldiers in West Pakistan were abandoned by the Government causing endless pain and suffering for their Families … Indira Gandhi was the PM…

These families have fought a lonely and a losing battle for almost 40 years, all to no avail…. Their Holi and Diwali for four decades have been sans colour and light……..

The story of Diwali is the festival of lights when, according to Indian lore, Lord Rama returned home after destroying the demon god Ravana who had taken away Rama’s wife, Sita.

Sikhs celebration of Diwali coincides with the “Bandhi Chhorh” day…. This coincidence has resulted in a similarity of celebrations.

Bandhi Chhorh day is celebrated to mark the return of the Sixth Guru, Guru Hargobind after he was freed from imprisonment and he also exacted a release 52 Hindu Kings…who were held as political prisoners at the same time at the infamous fort of Gwalior by Emperor Jahangir in October 1619.

So the Kings/rajahs were freed and the Guru became known popularly as the "Bandhi Chhorh" –a deliverer from prison.


He arrived at Amritsar on the Diwali day and the Harmandir Sahib ….also known as the Golden Temple was lit with hundreds of lamps to celebrate his return. Hence the day came to be known as the "Bandi Chhorh Divas" …the day of freedom….The victory of truth over evil.

Hargobind was 11 years old when his father …Guru Arjan Dev attained martyrdom due to conspiracy synchronized by the hangers-on of the court of Mughal Empire in India. In a bit of parting advice to his only son, Guru Arjan Dev warned him of the turbulent period ahead and suggested that he should take appropriate measures to protect himself and the Sikhs to the best of his ability.

Even though a little boy Hargobind took this advice very seriously. Guru Hargobind always wore two swords, representing his obligation to resist oppression and uphold spirituality both at the same time.

A doctrine of ‘Miree-Piree’ was born. Guru Hargobind wore a saffron-coloured princely outfit and people started calling him ‘Sachha Padshah’ ….True King.

Soon after assuming the mantle of a guru….Guru Hargobind sent out an edict to his followers that he would welcome a gift of finest horses and weapons in addition to the provisions for the Langar; he set up intensive training camps for swordsmanship, archery, and physical endurance. A program for the militarization of the community thus began in earnest.

Soon Guru Hargobind led a small army of 800 horses, 300 troops on horseback, and 60 men with firearms.

When Murtaja Khan…. Nawab of Lahore noticed that Guru Ji had constructed the Sri Akal Takhat Sahib, 'The Throne of the Almighty', at Amritsar, and was also strengthening his army, he informed the Mughal Emperor Jahangir about this. He also erroneously, emphasized that the Sikh Guru was making preparations to take revenge for his father's torture and martyrdom.

The Ulema ….the fundamentalists at the Court… suggested to Emperor Jehangir that Guru Hargobind may lead a revolt against his empire and he be arrested

When Jahangir heard about this he at once sent Wazir Khan and Guncha Beg to Amritsar in order to arrest Guru Hargobind….

But Wazir Khan, who was an admirer of Guru Hargobind, requested the Guru to accompany them to Delhi, telling him that Emperor Jahangir wanted to meet him. Guru Sahib accepted the invitation and reached Delhi…..Here he has levied a penalty and asked to pay a fine of rupees two lakhs, which had been imposed on his father, this, of course, he refused to pay.... just as vehemently as his father had done prior to martyrdom.

Bandhi Chhorh Jail

As Guru Hargobind showed little inclination to pay the fine, he was sent for detention to the nefarious Gwalior Fort where the Mughal Emperors kept their political prisoners...This was the Fort out of which no prisoner came out alive.  Obviously, the cause of detention was political as it was a political prison. Nonpayment of the fine was merely an excuse.

Guru Hargobind’s period of internment at Gwalior is put at between 40 days to 60 days.

The 52 Rajas and princes imprisoned were there for their failure to pay tribute monies to the Mughal rulers. In the fort, Guru Ji met many Hindu Princes who were detained there due to political reasons. Their living conditions in the fort were very deplorable. With the help of Hari Dass, the governor of the fort, the Guru had their conditions improved. The princes soon joined the Guru in his daily prayers.

Hari Daas was a Sikh faithful of Guru Nanak and he had become an ardent devotee of Guru Hargobind ji

When several months had passed without their Guru being released,  Baba Budha Ji and a group of Sikh devotees travelled to the fort to meet with the Guru. They told the Guru that the whole of Amritsar, his family, devotees and all the pilgrims who had come, from near and far to visit him, were missing his presence dearly. In reality, they were worried that their Guru might never leave prison. The memory of his father's recent imprisonment, torture and death weighed heavily on their minds.

 The Guru assured them that they should not worry, he would join them soon. Outside the for,t Sikhs gathered and began to carry out Parbhaat-Pheris …singing Gurbani, as they walked around Gwalior Fort waiting for their beloved Guru's release.

 Baba Buddha went to see a Muslim sufi saint…. Mian Mir 
The story is that  Mata Ganga Devi and Baba Buddha went to see a Muslim sufi saint…. Mian Mir at Lahore, who was a great admirer of Guru Arjan and had laid the foundation stone of Harmandir at Amritsar. Baba Buddha related the story of Guru Hargobind’s unlawful arrest on a suspicion that he may be encouraging a rebellion against Emperor Jehangir to avenge the death of his father.

It so happened that Noor Jehan the, favourite wife of the Emperor was a devotee of Mian Mir. She assisted Mian Mir in presenting a case to Jehangir… that perhaps he had acted in haste and committed a serious crime. Mian Mir stated, “What can be more shameful for an Emperor to think that a young lad could confront your mighty force?” 

Emperor Jehangir ….who had by now moderated his views on religion accepted their advice and then ordered Wazir Khan to release Guru Sahib. Reaching Gwalior Fort Wazir Khan informed Hari Daas of the Emperor's order to release the Guru. Hari Daas was very pleased to hear this and quickly informed Guru Ji about the message from the Emperor. 
But the Guru refused to leave the fort unless the 52 princes were released as well.
When Wazir Khan informed the Emperor of the Guru's desire, the Emperor first refused, but finally agreed, after Wazir Khan reminded him of the debt he owed the Guru for his recovery. Not really wanting to free the prisoners the Emperor cleverly added the following condition:

"whoever can hold on to the Guru's cloak can be released."

A face-saving compromise was devised by which anyone who could hold on to Guru Hargobind’s coattails could go free with him! A special robe was made for Guru Hargobind with 52 tails and the matter was resolved.

His deeply grateful friends called Guru Hargobind ‘Bandhi Chhorh, the Liberator.’ 

What do we learn from this……

Guru Sahib could have left the Fort when he was offered liberation. ….But to the Guru others' freedom and rights were more important than just his own. For him liberation and upholding everyone’s Human rights was significant. This is the attitude and virtue Guru Hargobind ingrained in his Sikhs

 This positive message…..Be prepared to sacrifice your own freedom for the sake of other innocent people.

Today once again we the countrymen have to evoke the long-forgotten message of Guru Hargobind and give a wake-up call to the sleeping August heads of the polity ruling the country….  BANDHI  CHORHH- Bring our  POW's home.

How was this human tragedy of untold magnitude perpetrated?

How have we let it pass?


Please now bring our soldiers home…. at the least to die in peace.

Families search Pakistan for lost PoWs

Suman Purohit has an uphill struggle, and so do her 13 other companions who are searching Pakistani jails for their relatives, missing since 1971.

"I had been married 18 months, and my son, Vipul, was three months old when the India-Pakistan war of 1971 began," she recalls.

Her husband, Flt Lt Manohar Purohit of the Indian Air Force, flew a number of sorties into Bangladesh, which was then called East Pakistan, and came home a couple of times for brief intervals.

"On 9 December, the fifth day of the war, he flew from Rajasthan sector into West Pakistan. He never came back after that," she says.

She was 23 years old then. She is now 59.

For 36 years, she has been searching for clues and following trails to wherever they would lead. Relatives of as many as 53 other Indian defence personnel face the same ordeal.

Now Pakistan, which denies holding any Indian prisoners of war, has agreed to open its jails to relatives of the missing as part of peace moves.

But the relatives complain they are not allowed free access to barracks.

Instead, Indian prisoners, none of them from the 71 war, are presented to them for identification.

They have been given access to jail records.

But those records are written in Urdu script which none of the relatives can read.

Clues found

All these personnel were classified as "missing in action" and were never listed as prisoners of war (POWs) by either India or Pakistan.

Brother of Capt Kaura

"Many of us thought they were gone, dead. But there were many clues to the contrary that kept our hopes alive," says Rajesh Kaura, the chief executive officer of a Mumbai (Bombay) based firm. 

He says his brother, Capt Ravinder Kaura, was captured by Pakistani troops from an observation post on the West Pakistan front. His wireless operator escaped and told the family.

Subsequently, there were many other clues to his being alive and his whereabouts.

A number of Indians, both military and non-military, released by Pakistan over the following years said they had met Captain Kaura in one jail or another.

Most relatives of the missing Indian service personnel have come across similar clues - anecdotal evidence from other prisoners, radio and newspaper reports, letters written by other POWs, and occasional photographs of the missing persons smuggled out of Pakistani jails.

For them, this evidence was backed up in April 1979 when a list of 40 people, apparently gleaned from returned prisoners debriefed by the Indian intelligence services, was placed before the Indian parliament.

Pressure on governments

A yoga therapist, Dr Ram Swaroop Suri, whose son was among the missing, got the addresses of all the 40 people and wrote to their families, bringing them together in a campaign that has spanned three decades.

"Mr Suri also wrote a letter to my sister-in-law, and this is how I came to join the Missing Defence Personnel Relatives Association which he started," says G S Gill, a human resource professional from Chandigarh.

Mr Gill's brother, Wing Commander Harsaran Singh Gill of the Indian Air Force, went down in West Pakistan and his colleagues reported that he had ejected before his plane hit the ground. 

GS Gill brother of wing Cmd Gill
"It has been a long struggle," he says.

"We have been meeting every prisoner that is released by Pakistan, we have been pressuring the Indian government to help us, we have been keeping the members of the association informed about our progress."

At times, the going has been frustrating.

"We have been writing to the Indian government, which has been writing to Pakistan," says Damayanty V Tambay, the wife of Flt Lt V V Tambay.

Wife of Pilot Officer Tambay.
"Our evidence has been going from one end to the other, and they always come back to us with the request to provide more evidence," she says.Mrs Tambay, who is the sports director at Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi, had been married for one year when her husband's plane was downed in West Pakistan.

According to a written statement provided by the visiting relatives, "the Indian government often states that the relatives have accumulated the proofs and that the Indian government is pressurising the Pakistan government because of the insistence of the relatives. This weakens the case."For its part, Pakistan denies altogether the presence of Indian military personnel in its jails.

 But the relatives are not satisfied."Some of them may have tried to hide their identity, or may have been held on spying charges," says G S Gill.

Maj Waraich with wife and daughters

"They may even have landed at some mental asylum, or in a military facility such as the Attock Fort. We have no way of knowing. Only the government of Pakistan can help us."

"The longest of sentences come to an end in 36 years, including those of spies. Even if that is not the case, they should at least let us know," says Dr Simmi Waraich of Chandigarh, who is searching for her father, Major S P S Waraich.

But few observers in Pakistan can match their optimism.

The visits of the relatives to two jails in Lahore and Karachi have already proved futile. They have eight more jails to see in Sindh and Punjab provinces over the next 10 days.

For many of the relatives, this will be a nerve-wracking experience.

"I had great hope of finding my husband in the Lahore jail. It was hard to walk out of there without seeing him. But hope will give me strength," says Suman Purohit.

There is strength in her clenched teeth as tears well up in her eyes.

Simple question India needs to answer …

  • How did we repatriate 96710 Pakistani prisoners of war without bringing back all our Heroes?

  • How could we give back the hard-fought gains on the ground for which many a brave life was lost…Without bringing all our heroes home?

                    CAN WE NOT HEAR THEIR SILENT CRY...


  1. Daarji Returns Political prisoners….Prisoners of war are those hapless victims caught in crossfire of political compulsions through the ages. The apathy of the country in these honourable, but unfortunate gentlemen can be felt deeply in Byron’s Poem ‘Prisoner of Chillon.
    Yesterday at 1:06am · Like · 1 person

    Surinder Preet Singh Ranu .......This is the time to do help those soldiers who sacrifice their lifes in jails for cause...cause to protect our country n our people...they r true heros n sure most of people doesn't even is too busy on bullcrap...they need attention n help

  2. Joachim Overdick ........What is the reason that Pakistan had not released those prisoners of war and why dont the India government dont care?
    21 hours ago · Unlike · 1 person

    Daarji Returns Apathy..... JO....The families have been fighting this battle for 40 years....These officers have been seen and identified....but both govt deny their existence.

  3. Daarji Returns Thank you...Mandeep,Lally,Anand & Inderjit....I feel so shamed by my countrymen....who write post upon post of pseudo spiritualism....And do not have a moment to spare for an honourable soul who made the supreme sacrifice for his fellow countrymen......JO....Read​...felt...and questioned.....Thank you Joachim.

  4. Jay Kotek ......It is shame for a country not to make efforts to bring back its soldiers, who were kept as prisoners of war by another country...India is ruled by shameless politicians who don't even care for its people...they use their people against people...Army, Police and other Para Military forces are used to terrorise and harassing public too, so the issue doesn't get a mileage...the poor soldiers' family alone suffer...
    9 hours ago · Like

    Lally Nijjar ‎.... welcome jee.....!!1!
    8 hours ago · Like

    Daarji Returns ....Yes Jay..... Indian Army is the last honourable institution standing...They have started messing with it .One day....... I shudder to think....The soldiers may just give up..turn their back and walk away.

  5. Aashish Sehgal i hv few friends in army.....who r almost fed up and frustrated of govt policies......moreover whenever any army man dies......govt declares some compensation...we people salute them for few days....and after sometime.....no1 remembers.....the family of army men r lone sufferers.....

  6. Moses Ravoori I accept u because our country is ruled by Pakisthani agents directly..
    about an hour ago · Like · 1 person
    Daarji Returns I am not privy to that...but thanks for comment.
    13 minutes ago · Like

    Moses Ravoori ‎@ Daarji, I know what u thought about my comments, I am not saying about the refugees from Pakisthan but the agents who control our government at the cost of our nation.E.g:When kargil was on peak NDa government was importing sugar which was under pakisthan President Nawaz Sheriff (80%) all ministers under BJP are bania they want only money ....U got it ,Pakisthan agents..?

  7. barbara Thyab Ali .....
    Dearest Daarji, My soul, heart and mind goes out every single second for my Country too... all the Indian citizens are in my very blood...but what can we do....???? ...... they never bothered about the Heroes or the unsung heroines too.... only wanted to get rid of the Pakies they were a drain on the Indian Finances... where as these same Government officials never wanted our Indian Heroes back , as why strain the finance of the department concerned..... lesser mouths to be fed and lesser peaks to be shed... this is why the Indian Army Employees of today are not interested to do 100% service to the Nation.... happy at what they are getting and its some thing better than nothing attitude of our Army recruits of today...Jai Hind!!!!
    2 minutes ago · Like
    Daarji Returns Yes Babs.t ....But the health of the country is in direct sync with t he well being of its forces

  8. Yes Jay..... Indian Army is the last honourable institution standing...They have started messing with it .One day....... I shudder to think....The soldiers may just give up..turn their back and walk away
    4 hours ago · Like

    Mai Harinder Kaur....... Was the Indian Army honourable in 1984 when they attacked Darbar Sahib Amritsar? What is honour when given dishonourable orders?

    3 hours ago · Like
    Daarji Returns...... Mai ji....The armed Forces were on command.....The problem was that the politics was such that time....That forces inside and outside Harminder sb were riding a tigers back...Mistakes were made....The sikhs mde mistake as well ...we silently allowed our Sanctum to become a Pawn.

  9. Harpreet Singh ......SSA ji...had read your extremely interesting blog sometime back...and the moving story on POWs still in Pak...only a soldier or those who have people in the forces can possibly understand the pains remember them only when some kargils or similar issues happen and then go to sleep doing a great job ...god bless !!

  10. I Salute u Daarji :) God Bless U :)

  11. Thank you Vishnuvardhan..... Bhutto dug a pit for us and we not only walked in but lay down ...prostrate.

  12. Amit Pandya .....The late Smt. Indira Gandhi committed a grave error of judgement in taking the late Prime Minister of Pakistan Zulfikar Bhutto's word as gospel truth, and repatriated the over 90000 Pakistan POWs back to their homeland, without solving the festering POK issue, and demanding that all Indians languishing in Pakistani jails be handed over to India. The sham and meaningless Simla Agreement signed between the two leaders with a lot of bonhomie, now lies in tatters. And our country is still paying a very high price for the backtracking and perfidy of the subsequent Pakistani governments.
    25 minutes ago · Like

    Daarji Returns.... I Concur Amit.....A grave monumental error...Can we live with it??? Okay it happened.....Why have we not got our act to together and get our boys home >>

  13. Ashok Sharma Daar Ji:

    These are very very crucial questions that need to be Answered . Solution is available
    Given a chance Daar ji, even you and me can resolve this what appears to be so difficult a dilemmafor the Govt of India. Now, Since I strongly believe that our Govt is totally sold out to very powerful vested interests and stands thoroughly corrupted to its core and is also being operated by other power elites who our most leaders have pledged thier wits, ethics and morals since the day they signed agreements of loyalty with the Devils, they may not have any reply to your such pertinent questions.

    I am glad to see you back on desk. Hope you are taking good care. Whenever possible,
    keep doing some deep breathing in early morning fresh air just before the sunrise.If you may start with just 5 in the beginning adding two more everyday day till 20, this would help. Baba Ram Dev's Anulom Vilom... Alternate nostrills inhale and exhales also help toning up our systems. Just my view ! Blessings of Love & my all good wishes Daar Ji !

  14. Amit Pandya......
    Daarji, let me revert to this tomorrow. But your cry of unjust behaviour of our vacillating MEA and the Defence Ministry in this whole puzzle reminds me of that unfortunate pawn caught in the game of one upmanship between our two countries, Sarabjit Singh, now counting his days on the death row in a Pakistan jail. And President Asif Ali Zardari who has the power to make amends and commute his death sentence and free Sarabjit, has himself become puppet on a string between General Kayani, General Pasha and Gilani. And the Indian government is left as an impotent bystander in this whole affair.

  15. Ashok Sharma..... DAAR jI: This Govt must on top prioriity must initiate official action with Govt of Pakistan for release of our Soldiers who are languishing in Paki Prisons for there is no other important task than to bring our soldiers back home.If no official move is iitiated, can it not be a Conspiracy, which the country must know ?.

    Currently Supreme court is running this nation as they have repeatedly slammed Dr. MM S's Govt even naming it Sluggish, Slow, and untrustworthy !

    Now is the time when a fresh PIL in SC would summon govt and give it directions to Act. I suppose if the families jointly prepare a Strong Petition, nothing wrong !

    Ashok Sharma

  16. Bhupativir Singh Chohan..... kyon ki koi leader war mein nahi marta aur us ko marne walon ka dard mahsus nahi hota nahi us leader ka koi bishda hota hai jis yad kar use rona pade aur sabse badi kami hamare leadron mein deshwasion se pyar ki hai in mein apne logo se agar pyar hota to ye unhe aise hi pak mein marne ke liye nahi chod dete.........jai hind

  17. Reiki Healer
    Wars were fought, boundaries redrawn, an Accord. . . a give and take between two governments. . of land v/s land and/or land/POW v/s POW...forgotten is the saga of valour. . .written in blood . . . of the martyrs who gave their today for our tomorrow .. .forgotten is the bereaved family. .. the crying children. . .the sobbing wives...the devasted mothers .. . .it's all History....One would almost believe them.... But for the hope in the hearts of the children .. . who have never seen their fathers....the wives. . . .who do not even know how her husband would look now....the souls of the mothers and fathers who now reside in Heaven. Of what use the wars and accords. . .if it leaves a legacy after so many years?

    13 hours ago · Like · 1 person.

    Daarji Returns... Pathetic.. ...So pathetic our apathy.....It is living dead....can we do something for them?

  18. Nilesh Saraf ...the politicians will not act unless it burns them!!!!
    14 minutes ago · Like

    Nilesh Saraf ....she was abducted from pune college... y her!! kandhar hijack is another drama!!! people are using the soldiers like pawns on the chess board!!!! very pathetic and shameful on our part!!!
    12 minutes ago · Like
    Daarji Returns.... Make it a burning issue .... if in the land of Ram....Lanika was set to cinder....To bring back Sita.... Why have we abandoned our brave .....
    10 minutes ago · Like · 1 person
    Daarji Returns..... Where are our Don Quixote ... ?? Are they all still tilting windmills... LOLz
    7 minutes ago · Like

    Nilesh Saraf..... the issue is burning not only from any group's point of view.. it has a universal appeal.. from humanitarian point of view!!! this damage is even worse than the casualities of the war!!!!
    7 minutes ago · Like
    Daarji Returns ...Shaming part is our dis interest...our APATHY.....Look around ..has it become a burning issue.... NO....only 2/3 of u have prodded it.People only have time to add post upon post...under the mantle of Psuedo spirituality....Wake up kids...Let yr fire burn the sloth and slumber

  19. Amit Pandya Daarji,..... I read your very lucidly-wriiten blog last night. Many of the questions raised by you on the indifference shown by the Indian government in bringing our boys back home from Pakistani jails is self-explanatory. I believe India lost a golden opportunity in solving this irascible problem to the satisfaction of our nation by, one, not driving home the advantage of our armed superiority at the Shimla negotiations; and two, when Benazir Bhutto and Rajiv Gandhi had hit off quite well and were personally on a similar wave lenght as far as the intractable problems ffacing the two nations was concerned. If only Mr. Gandhi had pursued this matter with his countepart to it's logical conclusion, these unfortunates, at least some of them, languishing in the neighbouring jails would have reached home. Even before the Kargil episode, when Atalji and Nawaz Sharif has broken the ice on the Pakistani soil, the time was ripe to broach this subject of the Indian POWs and just may be we would have succeeded. But then time and tide waits for no man. The blame game, the passing of the buck, the numerous red herrings have all taken their toll, and our government has reached acul-de-sac. Now things do not look too good, what with General Ashfaq Kayani and his India-centric policies proving to be an insurmountable hurdle in resolving this issue amicably. And with an effette Foreign Minister like S.M. Krishna, things indeed look bleak.

    Daarji.....Amit....I appreciate yr thought provoking summary....I concur almost to the dot.... It does seem a lost cause.....We have not only lost our brave ,,,but exposed our soft underbelly time and again...But then what abt kandhar...Mufti mdhd Daughter ....You have to be kith and kin of corrupt polity to be saved...and country sold out....I cry for you my country !!!


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