If Truth be Told

I came across this Jewish parable and found it a very powerful...... 
Two beautiful sisters lived in their little cottage across the little wooden bridge, at the edge of the woods. One day sitting under a big elm tree, they bantered with each other playfully....as to who was more beautiful and popular.

 It was sundown...well almost, and the moot point was put to test for the village folks to decide.Come twilight they dressed each to their own style and to begin with one sister walked down the village main street..... The townsfolk disdainfully ignored her...she reached the far end and thought to herself...  ‘Something is amiss’, why do people turn their back on me, perhaps I should be more audacious. Hmmm!!! Perhaps I could  disrobe....Now when she walked back, naked and startlingly beautiful in the amber sunset, the few people left on the streets turned their back on her and shut the door on her face and left her standing all alone.She was so distraught that sobbing she ran towards the woods, her sister came out and heard the story.
Do you know the name of the sisters...TRUTH and STORY.
TRUTH told STORY ....how all the townsfolk mistreated her, how sad and lonely she was, how much she wanted to accepted and appreciated.

STORY replied, "Of course they all reject you", said STORY and looked at TRUTH, eyes a bit lowered to the side and remarked assiduously, ‘My dear, no-one wants to look at the naked truth.’

So STORY gave TRUTH, her shimmering beautiful robes to wear. And they walked into the town looking radiant together, TRUTH with STORY. And the townspeople greeted them with warmth and love and appreciation, for TRUTH wrapped in STORY’s clothing is a beautiful thing and easy to behold.
And ever since then, truth travels with a story, and they are always accepted and loved. And that's the way it was and the way it is and the way it will always be.......
So my dear friends' truth I will always be telling stories.