Sage Synergy

Sage Synergy
 Sage Synergy is a dynamic arrangement of shared interests which is set-up to become a one of a kind, people to people relationship program. Our effort is to bring together the Punjabi Diaspora with their roots, bonding a cultural way of life that can be an answer to our aspirations….It can be called Pujabiyat.

This spiritual, cultural and literary synergy can play a pivotal role.

But the word spirituality has different bells ringing for different people in a myriad special way.

If truth be told, religion is personal. It is our one on one communion with our maker. How we imbibe the essence of religion in our life is spirituality and celebration of it and making it a way of life is culture.

The Cultural Meltdown                                          

Today the world is in an age of alliances and merging borders creating a trend for globalisation .This is a changing world around us and the youth of Punjab, need to keep pace.
 However the common concern of most of the people of this rapidly changing world …is loss of traditions and culture. They fear that their traditional ways, which were enhanced over a lifetime of familial and communal interaction, are getting lost. What this translates into is the alienation of the coming generations from our heritage, history and culture.

Could this lead to a loss of identity and the uniqueness in us?

Loss of  feel-good factor

This break in an interpersonal relationship and the subsequent disaffection has caused catastrophic consequences by triggering a sense of false bravado due to loss of ‘feel good factor’. The young adults resort to drugs and alcohol to resurrect this lost identity. This generation needs extensive counselling.
However, the pre-teen, which is between 6-12years of age, is the segment that we will reach out to telling them stories about their heritage. This will enrich the bonds with their roots and spiritual heritage.

The concept is to create a format which is a combination of e-learning and e-entertainment dedicated to the spiritual history of Punjab told in parables in context with the mindset of the generation today. Storytelling is an art form…an ever-changing art form…Hence the style and format is always changing with time, though the content and message did not change.

Our Wish List:
• Appreciation of Heritage
• Inspire cultural values
• Develop Spiritual strength
• Rationalize religious dogmas
• Moderate Globalised religious fanaticism.

How it all began...
.One day about a couple of years ago we asked the club librarian,  Fernandez, whether the book “How the Sikhs lost their kingdom”, was on the shelf. A young mother happened to be standing at the library reception, was being harassed by her nine-year-old twins, overheard and remarked, ‘Did we have a Kingdom’.?

Well, what do we make of this; If we as parents are ourselves oblivious of our History, our Heritage, we are unable to pass it on as it used to be, from generation to generation and the chain of storytelling is broken. Thus a centuries-old tradition is wiped out. In the olden days...the elders in the family had the children sit around them and they told them stories.... some were spiritual ...some were historical ...and some made belief. But the stories they told were unforgettable and retold over and over again.